The Ideal Approach for Your IT Security

CLOUDYRION takes cybersecurity in software projects to the next level. In close cooperation with your IT experts, we establish a sustainable security framework that minimizes the risk of cyberattacks, ensures the highest security by implementing the security- and privacy-by-design concept as early as the development phase and provides targeted support for the transition to a holistic security mindset in the context of digitalization and innovation.

Cyber Security
Risk Assessment

The responsibility for IT security does not end at a company’s front door: Protecting customer data is just as essential as protecting a company’s own data. The exponential prevalence of cloud usage means that security risks are also growing, due to the increasing number of possible attack vectors. At the same time, the ever-shortening technology cycles are continuously bringing new challenges. Mobile applications, web applications and insecure infrastructures often have vulnerabilities that can become threats. Our experts identify these risks for our customers and partners, then ensure that they are all effectively and successfully eliminated.

To this end, we carry out systematic threat analyses for the application environment and system architecture, including technical process audits. We then put together a security package that is individually and seamlessly tailored to the requirements of each customer and each individual project. At the same time, we keep an eye on the compliance aspect: Security concepts and measures recommended by CLOUDYRION always take into account company specifications and industry-specific security procedures and policies.

For the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, we rely on guidelines from the following institutions and standards:

  • CSA – Cloud Security Alliance
  • CIS – Center for Internet Security
  • SAFECode
  • NIST – National Institute of Standard and Technology
  • BSI
  • ISO/IEC-27000

Security Consulting

Our young, agile team of experts with broad IT security knowledge has already successfully implemented numerous projects for well-known companies in the automotive, telecommunications and banking industries. To provide your company’s applications and services with IT security of the highest standard, our consultants work closely with your development teams and IT experts to implement a secure infrastructure and a DevSecOps process based on the secure-by-design concept. To enable your IT to reduce the security risk of future releases over the long term and act confidently in critical situations, we combine security self-assessments with the appropriate mix of effective cutting-edge tools. CLOUDYRION aims to create sustainable security and coaches project participants to become security champions, so that future projects will also benefit from internalized security standard processes.

We ensure that:

  • your applications and services meet the highest security standards.
  • the development and rollout of software are done following the secure-by-design principle.
  • a DevSecOps is implemented that enables your IT teams to integrate security as the core of application development, both now and in future projects.

Ethical Hacking

Whether it’s newly implemented processes or established assets that need a security audit, we help you uncover potential vulnerabilities or misconfiguration with active penetration testing specific to your system environment. For auditing and penetration testing, we rely on industry-standard norms and guidelines. We intensively evaluate not only new projects under development but also the prevention and defense mechanisms of already existing systems, according to the proven OWASP Security Knowledge Framework. Our goal is to objectively assess the security properties of your existing DevOps process, identify security vulnerabilities in advance and add a sharp profile to your development approach so you can meet the needs of tomorrow as well as today.

The CLOUDYRION team is certified and compliant with all industry standards. For example, security audits and penetration testing are performed according to:

  • The OWASP Web Application and API Top 10 frameworks,
  • The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification,
  • The common cloud security certifications of the hyper scalers Amazon (AWS Certified Security), Google (GCP) as well as Microsoft (Microsoft Certified: Azure) and many more.


A solid theoretical foundation around IT security is important, but practical expertise in this area proves its worth – especially in the form of routines and methodological competence. In order to impact these and create sustainable security, CLOUDYRION coaches project participants during their daily work to become security champions. In view of the constantly changing cyber threat situation, the goal is to ensure that future projects also benefit from internalized standard security processes. Employees involved in operations should be enabled to think about the security factor in every project phase and integrate it across various implementations over the long term. Only those who have this kind of overview can decide on the right path from start to finish, which is precisely where we come in with our trainings for IT security managers and other employees.

Agile software development
with a clear focus on IT security

Complete your projects successfully, with the highest quality and, above all, securely for your company and customers. Rely on guardrails and security automation as guarantors of maximum security. Integrate a DevSecOps process that eases your workload from the start through an integrated framework. CLOUDYRION helps you find the best cloud infrastructures, tools and processes for implementing secure projects.

Risk Assessment / Threat Model

Review architecture and service Design to identify potential risks and define security strategy before implementation into production environment.

Identity Access Management

Evaluation to ensure that the authorisation is granted following an auditable IAM process based on a need-to-know principle.

Baseline Security Requirements

Creating service specific and actionable security questionnaires and define secure patterns or blueprints to speed up future deployments.

Audit and Penetration Testing

Auditing agreed implementations (Infrastructure, IAM, Security Controls etc.) and penetration testing to identify weak points.

Deficiency Reporting

Documentation and prioritization of identified risks and remediation or mitigation steps in a DevOps understandable format.

(Release) Sign Offs

Summary of performed assessment steps, identified risks, and performed remediation/mitigation steps including an overall risk rating and release sign-off.

Turn your developers and project managers into security champions!

Act with foresight. More security means faster and more cost-efficient project implementation. CLOUDYRION enables companies and their employees to identify potential security gaps early in the development process and close vulnerabilities. With CLOUDYRION, you can find existing security gaps on the level of software development and distribution, as well as opportunities to close them over the entire release cycle within the scope of analyses and pen testing.

With Us, You Bring Security to Your Workflows.

Are you looking for a capable partner with a comprehensive service portfolio to help you embed cybersecurity throughout all of your processes – sustainably, in compliance and in line with the technological state of the art? Contact us – we will offer you a customized IT security package.
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